Déjà Bound 2

By now, I’m sure you’re all familiar with Kanye’s new video for “Bound 2” featuring North West’s mother writhing around topless on a motorbike in front of a backdrop that’s oddly reminiscent of the cover of my Lisa Frank trapper keeper from 6th grade.

If you haven’t seen the video, go watch it.  Seriously, I’ll wait. (I’m kidding I would never wait for you.)  If you have seen it, you’re probably confused.  Don’t worry.  I was, too.

But then I realized that I had seen this all before.

The incredibly famous – though controversial – recording artist who is known for wearing ahead-of-its-time-couture, for lashing out at aggressive paparazzi, and for making music that defines a generation.  This same artist who enjoys mashing up his creative impulses with his personal life then casts his shockingly attractive girlfriend in a music video.  This video, of course, serves as the couple’s desperate public plea for privacy.  Blink. Blink.

The female video vixen who must also – at times – stare directly into the camera lens in an attempt to convince viewers that she is probably conscious.  It’s a video that includes excessive nudity, uncomfortable moments of choreographed affection, and only the best desert backdrops that Microsoft Office clip art has to offer.

Of course this seemed familiar.  I had seen it in 1995.

Starring Michael Jackson.

Yeah, that’s right, Kanye: You. Are. Not. Alone.

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