Attention Neigh Sayers

I hate horses.  Hate. Them.


Umm I don’t know, maybe because they are terrifying huge-headed monsters who are actually plotting a hostile takeover of this entire planet.

Take, for example, earlier this week when 30 police horses in Mexico City pretended to be scared of some car horns, and according to the fine folks over at The New York Daily News, “went on [a] rampage in Mexico City, leaving a devastating trail of destruction.”

A witness on the scene said that he had been sitting “at a traffic light when [he] heard the horses coming. A horse hit the car. The horse fell, got up and continued.”

Not only are horses completely out of control, but they also can’t be stopped.  Cars are USELESS against them.  And now, it seems, we are too late.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This is a horse.


Full story here:





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