Dance Like Everybody’s Watching

I am incredibly busy and also, important.  So, sometimes, it becomes difficult for me to fit everything I want to do into my packed schedule.  Sadly, I am the only person in the world with this problem.

However, when my little sister asks me to be somewhere, I try to show up.  Because “family” is on my priority list.  (Other items on my priority list include: eating pizza alone, keeping enough room in my DVR queue for every episode of Catfish, accurately quoting the movie Juwanna Mann, maintaining a healthy relationship with sets of twins, and Tupperware.)

This past Saturday was my sister’s birthday, and she had very generously invited me to join her – and a few lucky friends – to have a drink at a bar.  I was honored to be included on this exclusive invite list this year, and promised I’d be there.  Plus, I knew I’d have a ride.  (Thanks, Mom!)

I arrive at the bar, and there’s a line to get inside.  Like, TOTAL buzzkill, AMIRIGHT??

(Pause for high fives.)

But since I am, in fact, important, as I may have mentioned before, I figured this whole “wait outside” thing would not apply to me.  I just walked right up to the bouncer, winked, and then waltzed right into the bar.

He then grabbed my arm, and was all like, “GET BACK IN LINE!” Which is just part of this fun game we play where I get to pretend to be a Normal. #Yolo

After the game was over, I went inside, and darted to the bar to find my sister – and some of her friends – hanging around, sipping on some drinks.  I said hello, but as the wise oracle Taio Cruz once said, I came to dance, dance, dance, dance, dance.

I live by the motto that you should dance like the person you’re dancing with doesn’t even know you’re dancing with him, and that night, I was especially committed.

And so, I danced.  And danced.  Danced.  Danced some more.  Kept dancing. Thought about stopping, and then, changed my mind.  And danced again.  At some point, my sister and her friends left, but I didn’t notice as I was too busy dancing.  When I finally looked up, and saw that everyone was gone, I thought to myself, “Wow.  I’m going to have to update that priority list.”

I wasn’t tired.  This is one of my dance moves.

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