Oh, alright, FINE.  I’ll write a blog.  What’s that?  You don’t remember asking me to?  Hmm, that’s probably because you drink too much.  We’re all pretty worried about you.

Ugh, stop trying to make this about you when clearly I am talking about something much more important: myself.

This blog will be a collection of thoughts, stories, anecdotes, dream sequences, abandoned novel attempts, confessions, declassified information, knock-knock jokes, and daily struggles that mostly just focus on me, and my life.  I will also post about upcoming stand-up shows that feature me, and other events that that honor me in some fashion.

So, cancel all your upcoming plans and obligations.  Quit your job, move out of your home, and destroy any potential sources of distraction, like your yo-yo.  This blog will need your full attention, and financial support.  Get excited.

2 thoughts on “Blah-blah-blah-blah-blog.

  1. Argh! That yoyo got me again! I totally meant to be working on my paper, but then I got distracted, and suddenly it was hours later…

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